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One of the most frequent questions we get from people is about our name – Mrs. Sasquatch’s Barefoot Studio. When Gary and I met in 2010 I was newly divorced and not even sure I was ready to start dating. After a gentle push from a friend, I put myself out there and we were connected on match.com. To hear Gary tell the story, he had been praying for direction about who and how to reach out to and I drew the short straw was the lucky one. I was pretty nervous when we met the first time one of the many Chinese restaurants in town for lunch. I had sushi. I knew Gary was eleven years older than me at the youthful age of forty, but I was still pretty struck by his solid white beard and mustache. I wondered if there was too much of an age gap, but the conversation flowed so freely and I found myself disarmed by his warm personality.

From the beginning we spent nearly every day together. I met his dog Capone and he hosted my children and I for a cookout at his house that first weekend. He was kind and attentive. He really listened to me which was something to which I was not accustomed. But one of the biggest differences between us was about 12″ – between our heights. Gary is 6’5″ and I am 5’5″. He told me I met his minimum height requirement! I started calling him “Sasquatch” and it stuck.

When we started our little hobby business, we never dreamed what it would grow into. I made a few signs and posted photo and got requests to make things for other people. Before I knew it, I was working on so many projects that I wanted to share, but I needed to set up a little business page so those who wanted could follow me, but I wouldn’t irritate my friends by posting this content. In order to have a page, you have to have a business name. I put Gary’s nickname “Sasquatch” with my natural state of shapelessness and Mrs. Sasquatch’s Barefoot Studio was born. It wasn’t well thought out because it is very long, but it is well branded and it very much represents who we are still.

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