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- stories of our mountain life -

coffee and computerI had a mini panic – a little freak out. For probably about an hour I didn’t take a breath any deeper that the top part of my throat. I had worked on this website all day on my SEO (search engine optimization) shaping things up in preparation for adding some new things. This has been a long-term, ongoing project with huge learning curves. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with some website building skills willing to help me get this set up for trade. She got the bones put together – but I’ve put flesh on those bones to get this thing up and running. My goal was to have it fully stocked and ready for the 2017 holiday season which has come and gone.

I could see that my plugins needed updated. “Just go in” my friend Cherise had said. “Click to update the plugins”she said. I clicked the button to highlight all the plugins. Then I chose UPDATE from the dropdown menu. Then I clicked *apply*. The bar across the top of the page went very, very slowly. Suddenly, everything on the back-end had a blue, clickable word underneath the plugins that said “activate”. My first fleeting thought was “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ACTIVATE??!!” These plugins are active. I only clicked to update them. WHERE are my plugins?

With my heart in my throat, I tried to go to the website. It was gone. In front of me, only a white screen. An hour and half or so later, with the help of my husband who is not accustomed to my speaking in broken sentences with “oh my God!” between each fragment – it all came back a little at a time. Months and months of work were lost. Slow and steady but many, many hours of work for my friend and myself were nowhere to be found. I’ve had experience in rebuilding what was left in rubble, but I’m so so glad I didn’t have to do that with this project. Now I’m going to go have a heavily poured glass of wine.

Wishing you all a great week!



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