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Signs From Reclaimed Wood

- repurposing beautiful wood for rustic signs and home decor -

We take great pride in creating artistic expressions to enhance the decor of any home. All of our creations are made of reclaimed wood. The primary source of our unique, handmade work is rustic pallet wood. Sometimes you will find items in our shop from reclaimed tongue and groove floorboards, repurposed cabinet doors, apple crates upcycled from an orchard, and barn wood as these materials are available to us. Each item is handmade with those little imperfections that give it rustic charm.

Every design is intentionally distressed and sealed to be used safely indoors or outdoors. The measurements of each item may vary within a few inches of the listed size depending on the wood that can be sourced at the time of construction. The number of planks for any listing may vary to achieve this size. Wood type, color, shade, and grain may vary as well. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests regarding these variations.

Prior to selling our unique creations online, we sold our work at the local level. We enjoy working with our customers directly to make their sign ideas a reality - whether online or in person. We're excited not to be limited by geography and look forward to reaching customers beyond the festivals and farmer's markets where we will continue to engage our community and sell our rustic signs and home decor.

When Gary and I first met - starting our own business was the furthest thing from our minds - much less becoming handmade entrepreneurs. We met each other on the heels of two very painful divorces - on an online dating site of all things after a firm push from my best friend. I had three children who were my heart and soul, a lot of baggage, and some serious trust issues - and he had a dog. I hadn't been much of a dog person to that point - and Capone didn't make it easy. He was a 100# Italian mastiff-lab mix whose place I had usurped as Gary's shotgun rider. But something about this oversized dog who was a jealousy-anxiety cocktail let me know that if this man could patiently plod away day by day loving him while he destroyed drywall and ate the vinyl top off of a treasured classic car - I knew he could handle me.*

As in all love stories - life together is messy. We have forged the deepest relationship a couple can have rooted in friendship. This dream of creating our own handmade business was something that could have never come true without his love and support. (Sorry y'all, he's all mine.)



I have always enjoyed creative pursuits purely for my own enjoyment. I love to take things and use them in a way that was not intended - like the wooden sewing cabinet drawer that serves to hold pens and highlighters and sticky notes on my desk, old canning jars for vases, and the curtain rod where my newly cut stencils hang. I enjoy writing, rough sketching dream house floor plans, cooking as a self-proclaimed foodie, crocheting and knitting, and so much more. I love to decorate with rusted junk and chippy paint and had shiplap walls when it wasn't even a thing - and this same eclectic style comes through in all of our work. The warm and inviting feeling I create for my own home comes through in all of my designs.

When we were first married, Gary bought me two single plank wooden signs - Always Kiss Me Goodnight and Kiss Me Good Morning Too at a little country decor shop. They weren't handmade - but distressed to look aged. Shortly afterwards, wooden signs literally took over Pinterest and I became obsessed. The more rustic, weathered, distressed, aged the sign, the more I liked them. I was driving Gary's pick-up truck to work every day, and when my mailroom started to give away pallets, I started bringing them home. Together we learned the backbreaking labor of dismantling pallets. The next year at Christmas I got nothing but hand tools. The rest as they say is history. What I thought was a hobby was really the start of our humble little business. We can still remember being amazed when other people wanted to buy the things that we are making together. We are grateful for all of you who honor us with your patronage. Even hundreds of customers later, we are still in awe that you want our handcrafted works to decorate your homes, to give as gifts to your loved ones, and to represent your businesses. You inspire us, motivate us, and encourage us beyond words.

*Sadly we lost Capone in October 2015.

Our Family

Julie and Gary with their three kids, kid-in-law, grandkid, three dogs, and two cats reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.